The Strength Barracks

At the Strength Barracks, our methodology is a multi-pronged approach to health and fitness. As both a public & private training facility  in Jefferson County, we can take a more active role in our clients. The methods we use are designed and implemented for each specific client’s goals. This is accomplished through a coaching consult where we gather info with the client, followed by a physical assessment to assess biomechanics & mobility. We then write & tailor a step-by-step program to get you to your goals. At The Barracks, you get a full-time coach-not a trainer. You’re our only priority!

Come and enjoy everything we have to offer inside our 16,000sq ft facility!


Fully Qualified Instructors

The staff at The Barracks is one of the many things that separates us from our competition. We have extensive backgrounds in health & fitness, nutrition, multiple sports, and strength & conditioning.

head coach randy

Randy Althage

Owner & Head Coach

Peggy Brown-Althage

Co-Owner & Coach

Jaden Rystrom