Beginner to Advanced

Strength & Conditioning classes are fun and challenging workouts. These low, medium, and high-intensity exercise classes are specifically designed to target the entire body utilizing a variety of traditional, functional, and strength training. We use bands, bars, dumbbells,, and kettlebells to build strength, burn fat, tone and increase mobility. This is not a boring “Boot Camp Class”!

Semi-Private Group Training Classes

Strength & Conditioning classes are fun and challenging workouts. These low, medium, and high-intensity exercise classes are specifically designed to target the entire body utilizing a variety of traditional, functional, and strength training. We use bands, bars, dumbbells, and kettlebells to build strength, burn fat, tone, and increase mobility. This is not a boring “Boot Camp Class!” You will learn fundamental movements such as the squat, various presses, and deadlift variations. These training sessions will also work on things like mobility, proper movement patterns, toning, and bring up weak areas of the body. Our coaches will dive deep to get you the most out of the workouts. Our coaches have the experience to give modifications for all levels new to experienced in each class. We will help you make the workout safe and effective for you no matter what your level is. Don’t let the name intimidate you – YOU can do this and we promise to help you FEEL BETTER AND BE SUCCESSFUL.

1-on-1 Personal Training

It is easy to be self-conscious when starting something new, with one-on-one personal training you can train in privacy.

Your coach works with you to customize your one-on-one personal training program. Each exercise is tailored to get you the best results. You will learn proper exercising techniques and form to safely get the most out of your workout making each session fun and enjoyable.

Each session will be tailored to your specific goals, whether it is weight loss, getting fit, recovering from an injury, or training for that special event. With one-on-one personal training, you will get the full attention of your coach on establishing or modifying your fitness program, keeping you motivated, and providing nutritional guidance. Weekly check-ins, weight loss & other tools to keep you on track.

Powerlifting Group

Powerlifting is just one of the many fitness training methods that exist today. This training technique focuses on maximum strength, and utilizing three main movements – squat, bench, and deadlift. We have Nationally ranked male and female lifters as well as holding numerous state records. If your goal is to become insanely strong then this is the group for you! This is four times a week high-intensity heavyweight kind of work. You will truly push your body to its greatest potential.

We have a competition monolift, numerous power racks, competition benches, and dedicated deadlift platforms. Specialty bars include- Safety Squat bars. Cambered bars, duffalo bars, Texas and Ohio deadlift bars, Westside bars, Bamboo bars, Axle & multi-grip, etc. Top of the line belt squat (athletic training platform), Reverse Hyper, and Glute Ham Raise.

1-on-1 Sport Athlete Program

We sit down & identify weak areas, mobility, and improper movement patterns. Then we build a custom plan that will carry over to their sport in the timeliest manner.

We leave “Sport Specific Training” to the sport coaches. However, the competition is fierce in today’s youth sports. We are the link in the chain that will help bring them up to compete at a higher level. A good athlete is a combination of raw athleticism, they sometimes need to be “big” or “lean & light” but they always need to be strong, fast, and adaptable! Our Athletic development program focuses on creating a sound physical athlete with the appropriate mobility, stability, coordination, strength, and movement efficiency in order to increase sport performance and hinder injury. It is up to that athlete’s ability to apply these attributes toward sports skills. The more thorough and appropriate the developmental program, the better their ability to adapt. Simply put we will make the athlete stronger, faster & more explosive that will transfer over to the field, mat, or court.

We currently have dozens of athletes on full-ride scholarships at the D3 to D1 levels!


Relax in your own private room. This infrared sauna can best penetrate the skin and activate the mitochondria to provide the most health benefits. Improves detoxification, immunity, weight loss, circulation, muscle recovery, blood vessel health, relaxation, heart health, and more. It decreases fatigue, pain, discomfort, inflammation, and overall stress.

There have been several medical studies that have researched infrared saunas in the treatment of chronic health problems. These include improvement of cardiac health such as decreasing high blood pressure and managing chronic heart failure, easing the pain of diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis by reducing muscle soreness and improving joint movement, and reducing levels of stress by promoting relaxation and improving feelings of well-being through improved circulation.

  • Athletes have shown a faster healing rate with infrared saunas!
  • Infrared saunas also help treat prematurely-aging skin!

Nutrition Coaching

We are not licensed dietitians but we can help you stay on track. We can integrate a nutrition program along with a custom program to help you reach your goals faster whether that’s weight loss or athletic performance. This combination of nutrition and exercise helps you achieve your goals and increase health consciousness. This is a giant ladder to your success! Fortunately, the good news is that making a healthy lifestyle change is not only a good decision but it can also be easier than you think! Our programs are designed to teach you an effective way to develop healthy eating habits by maintaining a well-balanced meal plan. We lay out a step-by-step plan that’s not only easy to follow but easy to implement. You will have check-ins with your coach as well as weekly weigh-ins.