Top Ten Supplements for Football

In general, talking about supplements with most people is a slippery slope as many don't understand the role supplements play, coupled with the fact that social media's "fitness influencers" will pedal anything to make a quick buck or find attention. For the record, supplements are precisely that; they supplement [...]

Off Season Training: Why They Return Each Year Slow & Weak

I've seen most all the schools training plans in the area geared to build mass & strength in the off-season as well as their in-season plans; sadly, none of these plans accomplish either with any measurable success.  As my athletes hand me their off-season plan, they shrug their shoulders [...]

Health Supplements

Please stop blindly taking "health supplements" recommended by people who are not subject matter experts in nutrition! The supplement industry is a $61 Billion hydra monster in the US. Thirty-seven billion of that is the dietary supplement scams alone! There is no legal drug or supplement on the market [...]

What Does “Lifting Heave” Actually Mean?

The following article was written by Ingrid Marcum for GirlsGoneStrong. She has reached top levels in several different sports. Ingrid is highly regarded as a strength, mobility and corrective movement specialist as well as being one of the better balanced all around female athletes out there. She is one [...]

Strength Training in Young Female Athletes Has Missed the Mark

Strength training is a foreign and uncomfortable area for many junior female athletes who are often unaware of the benefits or unsure how or where to begin. The higher the level a sport is played physical performance must match - things like power, speed, strength, verticals all play a [...]

Dear Misunderstood Masculinity,

Not a single day goes by that I don’t have a female client vent or tell me about some uninformed or otherwise stupid comment that a friend, classmate, coworker, significant other, etc. said. These comments are for the most part brushed off after a brief chat. I reassure them [...]

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