Not a single day goes by that I don’t have a female client vent or tell me about some uninformed or otherwise stupid comment that a friend, classmate, coworker, significant other, etc. said. These comments are for the most part brushed off after a brief chat. I reassure them that there is nothing wrong with their goals and aspirations, then I flip the convo and we both laugh at you.

For the real men out there let’s be real –sometimes we just say dumb shit to our significant other/spouse! We had no malicious intent and often enough we were actually trying to be supportive but it rolls off our lips about as eloquently as a Neanderthal blowing through a conch shell. Thankfully most women are very forgiving when they know we’re trying but keep trying– because in the end you will end up with a woman that’s more confident, unique, sexy, and rocking a banging bod to boot. Keep supporting her goals & aspirations, watch the kids while she works out, make dinner while she attends a college night class, etc… Her physical, mental & emotional health enhances your life directly for the better. All you have to do is continue to be the man she thinks you are. To all the dads and husbands out there raising their boys right and leading by example, I salute you! The following article is neither aimed or directed at you, but you may get a chuckle out of it.

For all the insecure males who lack validation as a man but somehow still received the “rubber stamp of approval” from a weak society: this tirade is directed specifically at you. Stand by–I’m about to separate the men from those of you whose left nut has still yet to drop and experience the effects of gravity. You have two options: learn and grow with the end goal of becoming a man one day, or remain the ignorant weak-minded thing that you are and whose genetic code is not worth perpetuating in the cosmos. I’m not writing this to suck up or get more clients, in fact, it may cost me a few. I’m writing this because I hear and see comments every day by emotionally weak, limp boned asshats whose sheer existence insults what real men are. What passes for a “young man” these days is about as jacked up as a Somalian soup kitchen on curry day. It’s not a woman’s job to educate you or to fix your spoiled naive mentality; that’s a man’s responsibility, and we need to get our fucking house in order.

Here is just a very, very short list of everyday things some of you regularly say or imply to women that ultimately make you sound like a whinny imbecile whose teeth would be of better use getting knocked out & decorating the floor like spilled Chiclets.

“Wow, that’s pretty smart/good/strong for a girl/woman.” Seriously shut the fuck up you mental midget! It’s good, PERIOD. Females today are kicking butt in everything from astrophysics to brain surgery to MMA. Women are excelling in the “man’s world” and are breaking through barriers—and setting records—every day! A confident man can actually acknowledge and appreciate women’s achievements without feeling threatened. If a woman’s success bothers you, it’s likely because you are stagnant as a human being and lack the intestinal fortitude necessary to challenge your own damn self because you’re scared of failure. Don’t resent her because she has more courage & drive than you, that’s how cowards act!

I can take you to just about any serious strength gym in the country and there will be numerous women who will out squat and deadlift the average dude. There are women in MMA gyms whose Jiu Jitsu skills will straight choke your twilight ass out in 20 seconds then stand there while you snore & piss yourself. For fuck’s sake there are women so intelligent they’re running countries, Fortune 500 companies and conquering space travel ‘n shit. Look, if you want to parade the fact that men can do things women can’t, realize that this is not a one-way street. In many areas, women rival and even out-perform men. This is a good thing, stop bitching like an insecure, petulant child by projecting your inadequacies with your snippy social media comments & verbal innuendos. Some of you need your tongues pulled out like a cheap roll-up window blind. I will repeat it if you are threatened by a woman’s success you seriously need to go find some validation because your lack of spine is bleeding out your pouty little lips onto the floor and we’re tired of slipping in your mediocrity. How about just saying “you’re amazing” or “your hard work shows & you deserve recognition”? Basically, treat them with some dignity for once & you will be surprised how you are treated in return.

“You keep working out like that, and you’re going to get all manly.” This is simply one of the dumbest most uninformed things women hear from males. It’s like you fuckin’ morons found a Costco size can of stupid and force-fed yourself with the largest spatula you could get your soft sausage fingers around. Let me break this down for you with crayons. Women do NOT naturally produce the hormone levels needed to get all “bulky & manly.” I could make them deadlift every day while drinking protein powder harvested from rhinos and guess what? They won’t get “manly looking”! Women who put in hard work will build muscle, develop nice curves and can have great definition; If you find this unattractive, you have bigger problems and should probably get your own testosterone checked because your man boobs have spiked you estrogen higher than Snoop Dogg. At the end of the day, your preference doesn’t really matter. Some women feel sexy skinny, some with an “athletic bod”, some like a nice “thicc” build. Try to wrap your heads around the fact that many women have a body built to perform not to just look at. It’s what makes them feel their best and most confident, your taste & opinion means fuck all.

Women work so hard these days (mainly due to our culture) on their diets, sports, workouts, image, etc. They deal and fight with hormones most of you can’t spell never mind understand the effects they have on a woman’s body. So put your PlayStation controller down and pick up a book for fuck’s sake. When in doubt a simple, genuine compliment will work wonders. Real men don’t need to diminish a woman’s accomplishments to feel validated… It always seems like the bottom rung dwellers are the ones throwing the stones. Start putting in work, boys, or just keep your milk feeding receptacle closed.

“You’re going to get hurt doing that.” Really? Is that your expert opinion as someone who understands the relationship between sports/training, biomechanics, and basic physics? No? Ok, then quit talking out your starfish– you’re poisoning the aquatic life around you. Some women are in fact quite confident pushing their bodies to the limits & trying to find the ceiling of what they’re physically capable of. They are not living your life, they are living theirs. Stop projecting your fears onto them. What’s really going to get you hurt is diabetes, high blood pressure, being a weak ass bitch boy & not minding your own damn business. This may come as a shock to some of you, but women do not need your permission or approval to chase their goals and ambitions. Hurts don’t it? Well reach down, try to locate your demoralized kiwis out of hiding and charge on; nobody gives a shit about your feelings.

I am going to try & restrain myself a little in this wrap up as to avoid a call from the FBI Social Justice Division for offending your delicate little personas. For you males who are constantly saying negative impactful things to women, know this: it says more about your character than anything. It highlights your low self -esteem, insecurities, and a complete lack of any real redeeming qualities valuable to a woman. We need to grow and become better sons, brothers, fathers & husbands. Yes, I said “we,” myself included, it’s all of our responsibility to become better & constantly challenge each other to be better men. For those of you too scared to grow or change, fine– stay in your mom’s basement, wear that Cheetos’ stained shirt that smells like failure and be that hardcore keyboard warrior but seriously shut your fucking mouth. Don’t cry & whine because you can’t find a woman to acknowledge your existence or who will even look twice at you. The mere thought of the weak offspring your seed would produce is a turn off to her. We have to do better. You can no longer say, “well I didn’t know any better.” Now you do. Unfuck yourself because you’re an embarrassment to your Grandfathers!


@silverbakk7 -Strength Barracks Powerlifting Team